Why Aigence?

We founded Aigence to challenge the status quo of the outdated, overly complicated and fragmented payroll market in the UK. We want to change the reputation of payroll from being seen as little more than a necessary evil, to something both employers and employees find a pleasure to use.

enhanced employee experience

Ask almost anyone to tell you about their payroll experience as an employee and most will roll their eyes. There is no reason for us all to be this mistreated and the Aigence online portal will revolutionise the way employees interact with this key area of their job.

removing the pain for employers

There is no need to outsource payroll to your accountant. The myth that payroll is too complicated to take care of in-house has propagated for years and we are addressing this using our feature rich, guided solution which almost anyone will be able to manage.

compliance without worry

One of the main reasons that people choose to outsource payroll is the fear of getting it wrong with HMRC. Aigence will ensure that you are fully compliant, and reminded each time something needs filing. You never need to worry about missing a deadline or dropping the ball – Aigence has you covered.

information at your fingertips

With Aigence you can collect information in real-time and forecast the future. Have a pay review coming up? Let’s see what an extra 10% will net you each month. Need to provide your solicitor with details for a mortgage application? Download the pre-built pack. With Aigence what was once painful is now simple.

minimise waste, maximise efficiency

Onboarding new employees can now be a shared workflow with data directly added by your new starters with step-by-step guidance. No more paper forms, emails or other inefficiencies – everything is done on one platform with both sides able to contribute and review simultaneously.

If that sounds good, why not sign up to be one of our beta testers and receive a discounted subscription when we launch!