Reporting payroll information to HMRC
What to report As an employer, you are required to report details of your entire payroll via a ‘Full Payment Summary’ (FPS) each time your employees are paid. This means that if you pay weekly you will make […]
Common payroll forms explained
P60 At the end of each tax year, employers must provide all employees that were employed on 5th April with a P60. They must do this no later than the 31st May in either electronic or paper format. […]
Navigating the first few hires in a new Small Business
Starting a new business is an exciting and often daunting time with all of the admin, compliance and other pitfalls that the new founder has to navigate. For many businesses the first few hires can mean the difference between […]
How and when to register for PAYE
When to register As an employer there are certain tax related obligations that must be met and a primary one for almost all businesses is “Pay As You Earn”, or PAYE.  It is a legal requirement to register […]
Transformers are a type of deep neural network that have radically advanced AI capabilities in recent years. First described by a team of Google scientists back in 2017, transformer systems are now essential in large language models such […]
In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI, neuromorphic computing is becoming increasingly relevant amid concerns about cost and capability of AI systems. Inspired by the human brain’s architecture, it is garnering attention from academia and commercial enterprise. But […]